Sıngle Phase Meters

1-Phase, 2-Wire, Single Phase Electronic Electricity Meters, IP 54 Protection Class, Operating range of -40°C and 70°C, MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) Certified


Three Phase Meters

3-Phase, 4-Wire, Three Phase Electronic Electricity Meters, IP 54 Protection Class, Operating range of -40°C and 70°C, MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) Certified


Three Phase Actıve-Reactive Meters

3-Phase, 4-Wire, Three Phase Active-Reactive Electronic Electricity Meters, IP 54 Protection Class, MID Certified


Smart Modem

It is a modem device that transmits the data received from the meters to Baylan BEMS software via GPRS.Transfers the accrued data to the data center.


Baylan BMS

Service based modular Mobile/Web energy management software

Fully Responsive

Bootstrap © based web application looks perfect on all devices.

Service Based Software

Baylan BEMS is Service based mobile and web application and development environment. Every operation performed on BEMS is service-based and independent of client structure.

Baylan EKS includes Baylan IOT libraries and native written mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Meter software is designed by the Software Engineers within our company in order to be able to meet the needs of the administrations in the fastest and most practical way.


Smart Grids

The need for the efficient, safe and environment friendly energy demands coming with direct proportion with population density and individual energy increase has briought the idea of smart grids. Smart Grid is an execution that upgrades and makes continuously safe, quality distribution between smart meter and monitoring system with the aim of having bilateral electronical communication between users and administrations.

Mobile Variation

Safe and convenient communication with native written innovative mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Follow developments

Transparent infrastructure that allows you to track development processes in real time

Baylan AMR: GSM / PLC / RF

Baylan Energy Management Systems

BAYLAN Consumer Management System can determine the amount of loan to be loaded to the consumer and make the loading. Accrual and collection can be made from the current Administration software and loan sales can be made with BAYLAN Consumer Management System. BAYLAN Consumer Management System can make collection regardless of the current administration software.

The current software used in the public works may easily integrate with Baylan Energy Management System by using this library. The software that the public works use creates a job orders so Baylan Energy Management System tops up the customer card with the desired amount of credit. The current management software used by the public works may perform the realization and collection steps while Baylan Energy Management System may perform the actual credit sales.



We are crowning our more than half a century experience with electronic energy meters and communications systems.

From Past


Baylan is one of the leading brands in metering sector, having started its services with the reparation, maintenance and calibration of water and electricity metering equipments, adding its creative identity to its almost half a century experience and technological excellence.

Baylan is one of the most innovative companies in Turkey and in metering sector. The journey that was set off by our founder Osman BAYLAN, started in a small workplace/ studio with a dream of creating a national Turkish brand, is being carried to the future with the values and corporate goals protected as they were set on the first day. Today, thousands of Baylan branded meters and integration systems are being used in over 60 countries.

Electricity meter models which take place in the product variety of the models that are approved by the MID 2014/32/EU directions and OIML R46 and TS EN ISO 50470-1/3 standards, which are EU legal metrological institutions, are being produced.

All meters have a European Type Approval and CE Certificate. Day by day, Baylan is aiming to present service to its customers with new and modern products by investing a serious amount of budget to its R&D operations and adds new products that suitable for modern technology to its product portfolio.

With different types of optional communication methods, owning a large load profile, mono phase or three-phase, single or double directional active electronic electric meters are being produced. We are sincerely grateful to the ones that trusted, supported us and thankful to all stakeholders and customers that preferred us in our journey that lasted almost half a century that brought us to the point we are at right now.

Our Quality Policy

As being Baylan Measurement Systems, we aim to make our brand sustainable pioneering and unique trademark with manufacturing %100 domestic energy meter to our customers without sacrificing quality with also many years of experiences. While fulfilling this policy; We are committed to provide easy-to-reach, fast and reliable services to our stakeholders and our business partners, to raise the productivity to a level that can compete internationally at every stage of support processes by providing necessary resources, to respond to customer and product needs in the best way by reflecting innovation to improvements in the market, to apply a business model that keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering after sales services, to create and maintain a trust-based business association with our suppliers and sub-contractors by handling effectively customer feedbacks, to improve the performance of the processes and the effectiveness of the quality management system with the participation of our staff, to produce energy meter comply with the requirements of TS EN/ISO 9001:2015 and the other national and international current and defined legal requirements in the area where we operate in all our activities.

Human Resources Policy

Human is the foundation of our company. We contribute to the economy of the country with our exports, increasing the number of qualified and expert employees every day and new job opportunities. We believe that the role of human resources is very important in achieving stable growth targets. While achieving these goals; we attach importance to customer satisfaction, quality to ensure customer satisfaction, competent labour force to ensure quality and training for providing competent labour force.

Our Vision

Our company's vision; working with high and modern technology, to make innovative, high quality production is to provide the highest benefit on behalf of our country and our customers.

In addition for that maintaining the company is to be the only brand in the sector as a pioneer and open to development.

Our Mission

Our vision as Baylan is to follow the most advanced technology in the sector and establish long lasting relationships with our understanding of quality production based of knowledge, experience, trust and creativity. Also contribute to the national economy by creating social and economic value for our customers, suppliers, employees and our country with continuous benefit.



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